“Accepting Jesus is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Us!”

“Accepting Jesus is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Us!”

Bella came to us months ago and had a positive pregnancy test. “Now that I’m pregnant, I’ve gotta get off these drugs,” she said with a look of determination. That was the last we saw of her.

Until recently. She slumped through our front door looking defeated. Her husband followed behind, carrying their newborn.

“Bella! It’s so good to see you,” the director said. Bella couldn’t match her smile. She diverted her eyes and mumbled, “Hi.”

When Bella was alone with the director, she shared her failed attempts to get clean. The director gently asked, “Are you tired of going around in circles?”

Bella nodded.

“Jesus loves you and wants to help,” the director assured her. After a long conversation, Bella gave her life to Jesus.

She immediately wanted to tell her husband, so they returned to the waiting room. Bella told him what happened and read John 3:16 from her new Bible. As she read it, her husband quoted it from memory. “How did you know that?!” Bella asked. He shrugged, and they promised to return for parenting classes.

A few weeks later, Bella and her husband burst through the front door asking for our director. As they sat down with her, words tumbled out of their mouths.

“We threw away our drugs.”
“Yeah, for the first time ever.”
“We’ve never felt better!”

The director affirmed their new behavior, encouraged them to continue seeing their drug counselor, and then asked Bella’s husband how he knew John 3:16.

“I went to church as a kid, but I walked away,” he admitted, tears filling his eyes. As the director shared the story of the shepherd who leaves the 99 to go after one lost sheep, tears ran down his face. That night, he recommitted his life to Jesus.

This couple is growing in Jesus as they regularly attend the parenting classes supporters like you make possible. They’ve said, “Coming to Align and accepting Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to us.”

Your generosity sustains people like Bella and her husband every day, speaking words of eternal life into the hearts of single moms, single dads, young married couples, and people struggling with a prior abortion. Please continue to partner with us—God’s words of life are transforming lives!