Can Anything Good Come From This?

Can Anything Good Come From This?

“You should get an abortion.”

Her parents’ words rang in Kara’s ears as she sat in her car outside an Align Pregnancy Services location. She’d gotten pregnant after a sexual assault, and her parents didn’t want the baby to be a constant reminder. “After all, can anything good come out of rape?” they reasoned.

But Kara couldn’t shake the thought that somehow she would “meet God” if she willed herself to walk through our front door.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Kara’s story spilled out, and she shared how she’d accepted Jesus as a child and then walked away. Our advocate explained that Jesus never walked away and still wanted a relationship with her. Kara’s eyes brimmed with tears. She recommitted her life to Jesus and made a firm decision to have the baby.

Kara enthusiastically attended prenatal classes and said to her advocate, “This baby is saving my life.” In the advocate’s words, “The change in Kara is remarkable. She is growing in leaps and bounds spiritually. We pray together, and God intervenes in major ways.”

One of Kara’s biggest prayers was that her parents would support her and embrace her new baby. And they have. In every way. Their question, “Can anything good come out of rape?” has been answered with a resounding “Yes!”

It reminds me of a question asked about Jesus 2,000 years ago: “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” We know the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

As we celebrate Jesus’ birth this Christmas—and the amazing goodness we experience in Him—let’s continue to share His goodness with young families facing unintended pregnancies.

Thanks for giving. Merry Christmas!

Lisa Hosler