Drawing Power of Christ

Drawing Power of Christ

Drawing power.

No one has it like the Father – drawing people to Himself through Jesus.

It’s the power that drew the wise men to the stable, bent the Centurion’s knee, and rescued you and me.

It’s the power that’s drawing Lauren and Ethan to our center week by week.

Lauren’s parents wanted her to have an abortion. Lauren didn’t know what she wanted. As a college freshman, pregnancy was the furthest thing from her mind. Same with her boyfriend, Ethan.

They came to us timid and uncertain, and consented to an ultrasound. As they watched their living, moving baby, the uncertainty vanished. They would carry to term.

Suddenly, priorities shifted. Prenatal classes and doctor visits were added to their busy schedules. They both expended extra effort to keep up with coursework.

And before our eyes, this quiet couple opened up. They shared about their lives, their struggles, and their prayer requests. Neither of them have a Christian background, but they’re at home in our center—laughing with our advocates, oohing and aahing over baby clothes—drawn to the spiritual encouragement they’re receiving.

“Oh Father, draw them straight into Your loving arms!”

Please pray with us for Lauren and Ethan’s salvation and for the many other clients we’re serving. In this post-Roe era, we’re seeing more clients and hearing from more abortion-minded and post-abortive women. The needs are great. Our God is greater.