God is at Work

God is at Work

Recently, Chelsea came in for an ultrasound and was determined to get an abortion because of numerous difficult situations in her life. It felt to Chelsea that there was no way to have a baby, given her life circumstances.

During her ultrasound appointment, our sonographer Linda showed Chelsea the baby’s heartbeat and asked if she wanted to hear the heartbeat as well. Chelsea said yes, but besides the beating heart, the baby hadn’t moved at all. Linda prayed silently that the baby would move so Chelsea could see that a little life was growing in her womb.

As soon as Linda finished her prayer and just before the end of the ultrasound, the sweet baby wiggled! Linda and Chelsea’s eyes met in amazement. Before she left, Chelsea said to the director, “It’s not as simple as just getting an abortion now.”

Pray with us for Chelsea and her little one—that she remembers the life she saw in the ultrasound, and that she chooses life for her baby.

We are thankful to see God at work in the ultrasound room, answering prayers.