One Important Hour

One Important Hour

A baby will be born sometime this fall, when Lauren gives birth to a baby she nearly aborted. 

“I’m short on time,” Lauren informed our staff at the beginning of her ultrasound appointment. “I need to be in Harrisburg in an hour.” With limited time to determine the baby’s age and viability, our sonographer worked rapidly to locate the very young prenatal child.

Based on our conversations with Lauren, her thoughts went something like this:

I can’t imagine having another abortion, but I can’t imagine having a baby either.

“Lauren, I have your baby’s image on the monitor. Your pregnancy is measuring 5 weeks, 6 days.”

My life is so chaotic. It’s been one crisis after another. Maybe my boyfriend’s right—I don’t need more pressure. I should have an abortion. Oh God, if You’re out there, please help me decide!

“We’ve got a good strong heartbeat, Lauren. Would you like to hear it?”

“Yes,” came the faint response.

A thrumming sound filled the room. Tears filled Lauren’s eyes. She said, “I was praying. I was praying you’d find the heartbeat. I can’t have an abortion now. I am going to have this baby!”

Now everyone’s eyes were moist. God answered Lauren’s prayer and awakened her maternal heart.

At SVPS, we desire to help people align with God and His best for their lives—like life-giving decisions for young moms. Please join us in holding out God’s best for the people we serve.