Sexuality by Design: Influencers

Sexuality by Design: Influencers

So what’s the big deal about sex and sexuality? Just about any movie or magazine will give you the impression that sex is no big deal… just a casual thing. Right? If that were true, why would everyone be so interested in it? Why would it be used to sell everything from jeans and cologne, to shampoo and rice?

This constant barrage of messaging from culture often shapes the attitudes and behaviors we have toward sex and sexuality, and especially impacts teens who are developing their worldview on sex. The picture that forms can be a negative one, full of conflicting and contradictory ideas, like sex is so unimportant you can share it with a stranger, and sex is so important that if you don’t have it you can’t be happy and satisfied.

Sex is a big deal. God’s plan for sexuality stands in stark contrast to culture. He tells us it’s a gift to be valued, respected, and governed by choices that honor Him, others, and ourselves. So how do we get that message into the minds and hearts of teens who are forming what they think, and who are being influenced every time they look at Instagram, listen to friends, or download music?

SVPS knows that youth pastors and other leaders need quality and relevant resources they can count on to help teach accurate and interesting information that teens will want to discuss. That’s why we created Sexuality by Design: InfluencersThis curriculum equips leaders to help teens identify six major sources of influence in their lives. Biblical truth is accompanied by biological and behavioral science, and teens learn realistic strategies to shift negative influences to their advantage. Undergirding it all is the truth that God wants to be—and deserves to be—the ultimate influencer in teens’ lives as they align with Him.

This highly customizable curriculum contains four sequential lessons for leaders to present to junior or senior high youth. It works well in a variety of settings and formats, with mixed-gender (guys and girls) or gender-specific groups. Lesson scripts can be used “as is” or can be modified. Also included are suggested and optional support materials like video links, demonstrations, and activities. Small group options include activities geared toward different maturity levels, and discussion and reflection questions. The curriculum is 152 pages and is available in both hard copy and digital download, and a partial lesson and sample group activity can be seen here.

SVPS is committed to using our experience and the understanding God has given us to create resources that make it easier for others to do what they’re called to. We’re honored to offer this tool to equip leaders to help teens align their sexual attitudes and behaviors with God’s design for sexuality.