Stepping Stones for a Young Mom

Stepping Stones for a Young Mom

When Patricia first came to us, she was living in a homeless shelter with her young daughter. She had lost hope and was pretty down and out – but she was still striving to get back on her feet again. She heard we had free parenting classes that could help her earn Pull-Ups and clothing for her little girl. She stopped in one day and signed up.

Patricia attended our classes faithfully each week. She did her homework. She was a delightful student.

We referred her to a local church that has a food pantry and some financial resources set aside for single moms. That church continued to be kind to her. They helped her get into an apartment, and let her know of resources they have available for young moms like her.

Patricia started taking her little girl to Sunday School at that church. A few weeks later, Patricia herself attended Sunday morning worship there. Now, she and her daughter consistently go to church there, together.

Each time we’re around Patricia, we can tell how much she’s growing spiritually and as a mom. She’s diligent to apply in her life what she’s learning in our parenting classes and what she’s learning in church. The Lord is gently strengthening her through the people of His Body loving her, being kind to her, helping her in practical ways and warmly welcoming her into God’s family. By His grace, her stepping stones went from homeless shelter to parenting class to Sunday School to Church.

1 Corinthians 3:9 says, “For we are God’s fellow workers…” What a heavenly partnership for helping single moms and their children! You, the local Church, us, a community non-profit, and God!