Tribute Gifts – Q2 2021

Tribute Gifts – Q2 2021

Thank you to everyone who gave “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” a loved one in April, May, and June 2021.

At the time the gift is given, we send an acknowledgment to the honoree or family of the one remembered as contact information is available. The gift amount remains confidential.


Mary Lehman

Mr. & Mrs. W. Douglas Merrifield


Marilynn Sanders

Mr. & Mrs. W. Douglas Merrifield


Tim & Beve Weaver

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Weaver


Keith Weixler

Ms. Elizabeth Master




Ms. Pamela Herr


Henry Bomberger

Mrs. Andrea Bomberger

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bomberger

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Myer


Walt & Brendy Flory

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kline


Barbara Givler

Ms. Andrea Adams

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Givler

Ms. Nelda Kauffman

Mr. & Mrs. George Petrie

Ms. Kitty Smoker

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Stover


Joah King and Siblings

Mr. & Mrs. Joel King


Kenton Kreider

Mrs. Charlene Kreider


Josiah Ladd Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Zentner


Alta Patches

Mr. Kyle Hartman


John Showalter

Mrs. Shirley Showalter


Joan Spandra

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Firestone