Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

While driving to work recently, one of our receptionists was led to pray specifically that God would bring an abortion-minded woman to our center that day.

“I had no idea I was praying for the high school student who would call me a few hours later!” she said.

Avery’s voice quavered as she spoke with our receptionist on the phone, “I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant, and I’m so nervous about my parents finding out. I’ve always been the good girl in our family—they’ll be so disappointed in me. I think I should get an abortion.”

Our receptionist gently said, “Nothing you could ever do would change the fact that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made, and so is your baby.”

Later that day, Avery came in for a pregnancy test. When it showed positive, Avery began to cry. She said, “I’m so worried about my parents’ reaction. Plus, I’m not ready to be a mom!” Our advocate listened, explained how we could help, and provided guidance to Avery about talking with her parents.

A week later, Avery came in for an ultrasound exam with a big smile on her face. “I’m having my baby!” she said. “Coming here gave me the strength to tell my parents. They were upset at first, but now they’re really supportive. And so is my boyfriend.”

Avery beamed during the ultrasound as her 7-week-old baby stretched his arms and seemed to wave.

Today, Avery is taking our Prenatal Classes and her boyfriend is working through our Fatherhood Series. Together, they’re preparing to be strong parents for their child and earning baby clothes and large baby care items along the way.

All three of them are fearfully and wonderfully made. We’re praying Avery and her boyfriend will come to know their Creator and Savior through their time with us—and raise their baby to know Him too.

Thank you for helping us speak words of life to young moms like Avery in the midst of life and death decisions.