5 Ways to Support a Friend Who’s Experiencing an Unintended Pregnancy

5 Ways to Support a Friend Who’s Experiencing an Unintended Pregnancy

When your friend didn’t intend to be pregnant, and is now—how can you support her? Here are five ways:

  1. Listen

Your friend likely has many thoughts running through her head. Listen to her fears, hopes, and questions. You don’t have to fix anything. Simply let her know that you love her, you care about what she’s experiencing, and you’ll continue to be there through the pregnancy and beyond.

  1. Pray With and For Her

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman’s life so surround your friend in prayer. If she’s open to it, pray in person with her. Let her hear your conversation with God on her behalf, and ask Him to let her know He’s near. Remember her in your personal prayer time too.

  1. Refer Her to SVPS

Your friend may benefit from an ultrasound, prenatal education, or material assistance. Refer her to SVPS for these services and more (alignpregnancyservices.com) that are 100% free and confidential.  We can  support her with parenting education and baby items after her infant arrives, too.

  1. Help Her

Your practical help can be vital, especially if this is her first little one. Come alongside her by throwing a baby shower, cleaning her house, making meals, or offering to pick up her groceries. Help your friend walk this journey by walking the path with her.

  1. Affirm Her

Your affirmation can reassure your friend and strengthen her. Remind her that every parent starts at “square one” and it’s normal to feel scared or overwhelmed. Let her know she can learn from the moms around her and other resources. Encourage her that she can be a great mother, and point out the motherly qualities that you already see in her.