How Pregnancy Resource Centers Support Women

How Pregnancy Resource Centers Support Women

There are a multitude of ways a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) supports women. Here’s a list of services that many Pregnancy Resource Centers across the nation provide, including SVPS!

We are blessed to have the opportunity to minister to women right where they are through:

  1. Pregnancy Tests

Free lab-grade pregnancy tests are available for client-administered testing.


  1. Ultrasounds

Moms and dads have the opportunity to see their preborn child for the first time with free first-trimester ultrasounds. This service is available to confirm viability and how far along the woman is (for eligible clients). Both pieces of information are helpful as she considers her pregnancy options.


  1. Prenatal Education

We provide free weekly prenatal education to help moms and dads prepare for their baby’s birth. If the client completes our prenatal classes (15 – 17 lessons) she earns her choice of a brand new crib and mattress, new stroller/car seat combo, new bassinet, new pack and play, or a case of formula. We’ll purchase it for the client and ship it directly to her home!


  1. Parenting Classes

Everyone begins the parenting journey at “square one”. We help clients learn and grow as a parent, enabling them to build a loving, positive, life-long relationship with their child(ren).


With classes such as boundary setting, healthy discipline, building self-esteem, and discovering your child’s personality type, we help moms and dads develop skills and make choices for their children that will enable them to reach their parenting goals.


Our locations host free parenting classes in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties in Pennsylvania. Contact us at for more details or to sign up.


  1. Material Assistance

Providing for a baby is a major concern for many parents. At SVPS, each time a client arrives for class on-time and completes their homework, they earn CARE Cash that can be used in our Baby Boutiques to buy necessary and normally expensive baby supplies. We stock items such as formula, diapers, baby wipes, strollers, clothing, and more to help parents provide for their child.


  1. Referrals to Local Community Agencies

If someone can benefit from assistance that is outside our scope of services we refer them to other great community organizations that provide a wide variety of support services. Referrals cover housing, food, formula, healthcare, and more.


  1. Post-Abortion Support

Women and men can contact our Post-Abortion Services Director for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out if our post-abortion Bible study might be a good fit for them. Or, individuals can take this free online quiz to see if post-abortion support would be helpful. If it’s not, we can still connect each individual to resources that might be a better fit for them and their current situation. Every person is important to us and we want to ensure the best fit for everyone in their post-abortion healing journey. All of our services are 100% free.

In addition to services for women, we also serve men and families. Some examples were listed above. For more information about the help we offer, please go to