A Gift To Be Stewarded

A Gift To Be Stewarded

A local pastor recently asked us, “What are the biggest needs you’re seeing in our community?”

One of the answers that came to our minds pretty quickly is the need for all of us, as human beings, to make decisions about our sexuality and our sexual activities that align with God’s design for our lives.

At Align Life Ministries, we recognize that God is the ultimate authority on all things related to life and that He communicates pertinent, practical truth to us through the Bible.

We understand that sexuality is a gift from God to be stewarded. It’s a gift to be valued, respected, and governed by choices that honor God, honor others, and honor ourselves.

God’s desire is that we demonstrate sexual integrity in every stage of life. This involves keeping our thoughts, our conversations, and our behaviors in line with God’s standards regardless of how old we are and whether we’re married or not.

The responsibility to be good stewards of our sexuality falls with each of us, individually.

One of our young mom clients recently said, “I could abort this baby and try to continue my life as usual, but I am choosing to carry my baby to term and change my life.”

We’re so glad to be a source of material and spiritual support for this young mom as she rises to the responsibility of being a good parent and wants to make good decisions regarding sexual integrity in the days ahead.

We also know from Scripture that if someone has made poor sexual choices in the past or has been the victim of someone else’s poor choices, God willingly offers healing and restoration.

Lamentations 3:25 says this, “The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.”

The information I shared with you today is taken from Sexuality by Design, our unique curriculum to help leaders equip teens and young adults to value their sexuality and make wise choices about it.

Jesus wants to be—and deserves to be—the ultimate influencer in our lives. We have all been created for Him.