Prayers Needed

Prayers Needed

We love sharing stories of clients who see their babies on the ultrasound screen and choose to carry them to term.

And yet, as you might imagine, that’s not always how it goes.

Some of our clients are caught in messy situations—facing circumstances that steer them to reluctantly consider abortion. Some clients in the ultrasound room give permission to hear the heartbeat and accept pictures. Some clients don’t. For some clients, the information they glean from the ultrasound does not feel encouraging to them. Sometimes, they tell us that after seeing the ultrasound, they are confused. Several of our clients lean toward abortion, even after their ultrasound experiences.

They need our compassion. They need the love and hope of Jesus.

One thing you can do to help these clients tremendously is pray.

Please pray with us that Jesus would flood their minds with His love for them and for their babies. Ask Him to reassure them that they can take their time in making a decision. Pray that He would help them ponder the miracle of their baby’s life.

We’d be grateful for your help in praying for our pregnant young moms who face challenging situations where abortion seems like their only option. We send out prayer requests like these and many others each month. If you’d like to receive them, please fill out the form at Prayer brings our clients and their situations to the Lord Jesus Christ for help. We have all been created for Him.