A Love Undeniable

A Love Undeniable

Leah came to us pregnant and afraid. Having gone to church as a child, she knew she was carrying a living baby with a beating heart. Still, she was struggling to make a decision.

She shared that her desire to parent was coupled with fear and doubt, saying, “I want to have the baby, but I don’t know if that is the best thing for me right now.”

After receiving a positive pregnancy test, Leah scheduled an ultrasound appointment for the following week. Align staff and volunteers prayed for Leah and her baby all week, asking God to pour His love and peace into her life. When she returned for her ultrasound, Leah was beaming with excitement. She had decided to parent her child and couldn’t wait to have the ultrasound. She was delighted to see her baby on the screen and said, “I will take as many pictures as you are willing to give me!”

After the ultrasound, Leah met with our director who shared the love of Christ with her. “As much as you love this baby growing in your womb, God’s love for you and your baby is beyond anything you could ever imagine,” our director said. She went on to explain how Leah could know God personally through Jesus.

Leah was ready to commit her life to Christ and prayed with our director on the spot! Praise God for the salvation of Leah and the saving of her baby.