Carla’s Story: Truth. Relationship. Community.

Carla’s Story: Truth. Relationship. Community.

As a medical professional, Carla knew better. But the pressures of single parenting led to excessive alcohol use. She was concerned her preborn baby would suffer the consequences.

“Plus, if my boss finds out I’m pregnant, I could lose my job,” Carla lamented.

Can you see how the enemy ramps up fear and contradictory thoughts in our clients’ minds?

  • I’m hurting emotionally and even though it’s wrong, I’m gonna numb the pain with alcohol.
  • I’m concerned I may have harmed my baby, so I want to end my baby’s life.
  • My boss will fire me when he hears I’m pregnant.

Any of us can have conflicting thoughts and emotions during a crisis, and our clients are no different. God’s remedy for us as believers is the same for them as non-believers: Truth. Relationship with Him. Community with others.

When asked about her spiritual beliefs, Carla said, “I haven’t been to church in a very long time.” Our director asked about her relationship with Jesus, and Carla’s response was the same.

That led to a tender conversation about the depths of God’s love for her and her baby, the lengths to which Jesus went to bridge us to the Father, and an invitation to repent for her sins.

With tears filling her eyes, “Carla said, “That’s exactly what I need. I was so confused, and now I can see my way through this!” She readily committed her life to Jesus, agreed to an ultrasound a few days later, and bravely chose life for her baby.

The truth anchored Carla in reality. She entered into a loving relationship with Jesus. And she’s surrounded by her new Align community — eagerly engaging as we showed her our Baby Boutique and our prenatal and parenting education to earn much-needed baby supplies.

Truth. Relationship. Community. When you support Align, you enable us to extend these lifelines to many, many young moms and dads. Thank you for your partnership!