Dylan’s Story

Dylan’s Story

“You can have the baby, Lauren. I just won’t be around for it,” Dylan announced to his girlfriend. Lauren was conflicted. She wanted the baby, but she wanted Dylan too. Plus, neither of them were employed, and they were living with Lauren’s aunt. Abortion seemed like the only option.

So they searched online for an abortion and came upon our website. They liked what they saw and scheduled an ultrasound appointment with us. As our sonographer brought the baby’s beating heart into view, tears welled up in Lauren’s eyes. Dylan stood there expressionless.

A few weeks later, Lauren and Dylan returned and met with a male client advocate. Lauren said tentatively, “We’ve—uh, I’ve decided to keep the baby.” Dylan stared at the floor. The advocate affirmed Lauren’s decision and asked Dylan if he’d like to learn about the unique role a father plays in a child’s life.

Hearing a man’s perspective on parenting impacted Dylan. By the end of the session, he was a changed young man. He said, “My dad wasn’t there for me, but I want to be there for my child.” He reached for Lauren’s hand and said, “We’ll get through this.”

True to his word, Dylan consistently attends our prenatal sessions with Lauren. And true to His Word, the Lord is wooing their hearts. Lauren said, “I can be completely myself here. I was walking away from the Lord, but now my faith is deepening.”

Dylan found a job, and he even surprised Lauren with a gender reveal party. Both of them are growing as parents, as individuals, and in their faith journey. We praise Jesus for the transformational work He is doing every day in the lives of the people we serve.