Eclipse Wonder for Life

Eclipse Wonder for Life


Did you get to enjoy the solar eclipse earlier this week? One of my colleagues had the special glasses to see it and she let us borrow them. It was so cool to see the eclipse as it was happening. It was beautiful!

My husband was traveling for work at the time – and he was in one of the states in the “path of totality”. He told me how dark it got and that many people had pulled off alongside of the road to watch it. He noted that people looked up to see a heavenly kind of miracle that day… and he wondered how many people stood in awe of it, but forgot to give credit to the Maker of the eclipse – to God in heaven who made the sun, moon, and earth.

People strained to catch a glimpse of that amazing solar event – while at the same time, something even more miraculous happens every day all around us: the conception of a baby. The creation of a brand new human being – made by God in His image.

It would take our breath away if we could see it. It would wash over the “abortion rights” rhetoric, and leave us speechless – – in awe of the Holy, Almighty Creator.

Isaiah 45:12 says, “I am the one who made the earth and created people to live on it. With my hands I stretched out the heavens. All the stars are at my command.” We were reminded of God’s greatness on that solar eclipse day. And we can be reminded of His power and splendor with His creation of every baby.