Expanded Ministry Coming Soon To Lancaster!

Expanded Ministry Coming Soon To Lancaster!

“Enlarge! Don’t hold back!” God quickened this verse to us at the outset of 2022 – before we acquired a new building in Lancaster and before Roe fell. The sense from Him was, “I want you to expand the ministry and to not hold back.”

We didn’t know then that our Lancaster Pregnancy Services client load would explode and that Planned Parenthood would reopen in Lancaster. The need for a larger building – a righteous stake in the ground for life – became readily apparent. And through the generous support of friends like you, God provided a spacious facility last fall. Renovations are underway, and we anticipate serving clients there in April.

Sofia and Damien were unexpectedly pregnant. They planned to marry and have children someday, but not now. Work and school were too demanding. Yet they struggled; knowing God authors life. Our advocate showed them pictures coinciding with the age of their preborn baby and shared the heartache people can face after abortion. Sofia wavered between carrying and aborting. Damien leaned toward abortion. At one point Sofia said to him, “You’re not supporting me if I have the baby; only if I have the abortion.” Our advocate talked about their long-term desires as a family, and how following God’s plan for their baby’s life—even though it was not their timing—would bring His blessing. A few days later, Sofia texted this to our advocate: “We’re having our baby!”

When you support Align, you’re helping couples like Sofia and Damien say “Yes” to God’s expansion of life within their lives, and to not hold back in fear. You’re also helping as God calls us to “enlarge and not hold back” in generously, boldly sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ to many more young moms and dads.

Thank you for partnering with us in the gospel and life!

In the powerful, life-saving name of Jesus,

Lisa Hosler