Global Congress for Life Recap

Global Congress for Life Recap

By: Lisa Hosler


That’s the word I’d use to describe the impact of God’s presence on the participants at the Global Congress for Life in November of 2023, hosted by LIFE International in Malta.

Delegates from 108 nations gathered to worship, repent for the sin of abortion, share testimonies, and discern the Father’s heart for life. Forty-seven others joined via livestream, bringing total participation to 155 of the 198 nations in the world. Through Align’s partnership with LIFE International, two Align board members and their wives attended, along with Lisa Hosler and Debbie Davenport, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Prayer.

Our three days together were full of fellowship, hugs, laughter, tears, and quietly listening to the Lord’s heart for life. The Congress culminated with a brand-new Malta Commission – a compilation of God’s fresh vision for the gospel and life around the world.

The impact was immediate and ongoing:

  • An archbishop from Africa requested LIFE International’s Journey of a Life-Giver training on the biblical sacredness of human life for his entire network—more than 8,000 pastors as well as church and school leaders.
  • A church network leader from South America requested sacredness of life training for his 2,500+ leaders.
  • One of the 10 global hubs, established by LIFE International to coalesce leaders regionally, is gaining momentum and planning a conference in their region of the world.
  • Leaders of life-giving ministries from each of the 10 global hubs will begin holding quarterly Virtual Summits to pursue unity and growth.
  • Delegates from two neighboring countries—newly acquainted through the Congress—are partnering to establish a pregnancy resource center.
  • Seeds were planted in the hearts of many delegates to raise up new life-giving ministries.
  • Following the Congress, one delegate spent time visiting fellow delegates throughout South America.
  • A delegate from a closed country was able to worship the Lord freely with a large body of believers for the first time in many years!

View a brief video recap of the Global Congress for Life event here.

Download and read the Malta Commission document here.

Align will continue to partner with LIFE International to advance the gospel and life around the world by serving on various leadership teams and participating in projects and events as God directs.

Thank you for joining with Align as we champion the gospel and life locally, in our state, in the nation, and around the world.