God Brings Healing and Redemption

God Brings Healing and Redemption

Amber recently came to us for an ultrasound after receiving a positive pregnancy test at home. While waiting for her appointment, our staff could see the nervousness on her face as she fidgeted in the waiting room.

She was telling our staff about her older children as she entered the ultrasound room.  Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes as she shared that she had an abortion several years ago.  Through her tears, she told our ultrasound team, “I never thought I could do that to my child, but I thought it was my only option at the time.”

As the ultrasound began, we were able to show her a sweet, wiggling 6-week old baby with a strong heartbeat. The incredible joy on her face was met with great anguish. Evidence of the pain and guilt she still carried from her past abortion.

We gently explained to her God’s loving forgiveness and His desire for restoration in her life.  The Holy Spirit used her ultrasound appointment to begin her journey toward post-abortion healing!

She began participating in our Earn While You Learn parenting classes, and also plans to receive post-abortion support.

Pray with us for Amber’s healing, and that more moms like her will receive the support and healing they are longing for through Align Pregnancy Services.