Setting our Minds

Setting our Minds

We recently served a client who was undecided about her pregnancy when she left us. A few weeks later she texted to say: “ I didn’t have an update to give you until recently. We decided to keep this baby.” She went on to say, “When I met you, I felt almost certain that my husband and I were not ready for another baby and would be getting an abortion. I actually had one scheduled and could not go. I truly do feel like you inspired me to look deeper and realize that I do want this pregnancy and I’m so grateful for your understanding and not judging me when I thought I wanted an abortion. Thank you!”

You know, I love when she said “look deeper and realize…” It reminds me of Romans 8:6, where Paul writes, “For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” This young mom chose to look deeper for truth, and it shifted her mind to things of the Spirit. In doing so, she is experiencing life for her and her baby.

As we meet with clients, we love gently encouraging them to pause and consider the larger, God-given realities that surround them and their baby.

Friends, if we’re looking for ways to promote a culture of life, this is one of them – straight from the pages of scripture. We can be deliberate about setting our minds on things of the Spirit, not on things of the flesh. God has given us tools to help us with this – things like prayer and worship, scripture and Christian community. He clearly tells us that setting our minds on the things of the Spirit IS life and peace.

We have all been created for Jesus.