God’s Love Speaks to You (Post-Abortion)

God’s Love Speaks to You (Post-Abortion)

A woman came up to an Align staffer at a recent event. With bowed head, she whispered that before she knew Jesus, she used to work at an abortion facility.  Then, with adoring love for Jesus in her voice, she said, “When I think of how much He has forgiven me… “ and her voice trailed off. She carried herself as a person dearly loved by the Lord. There was a humble dignity about her—rooted in His forgiveness. We loved seeing it, and we praise God for her beautiful life.  We could tell that God’s love had spoken to her, and that she had listened to Him and embraced what He said.

At Align, God’s love for us compels us to share the gospel of Jesus with those we serve. We believe God’s love has something to say to the person struggling with a past abortion decision. Might that be you? Whether you’re female or male, have you or someone close to you endured an abortion experience? Are you struggling with distressing thoughts and emotions surrounding that decision? If so, dear listener, we believe the love of God speaks this to you:

No matter the circumstances He sees you. He was there when you made that choice and He is with you now as you wrestle through the layers of pain. He has never stopped loving you. In fact, as you open up more and more to His healing, you will see that He desires to bring goodness from your past. He delights in making beauty from the ashes of your sin. His love is transformative. John 8:36 in the ESV says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

We at Align are here to help you. Our services are free and completely confidential. Learn more by visiting the post-abortion tab of AlignPregnancyServices.com. Or, you can call Vickie at 717-304-7994.

God’s words are truth. His words bring peace.  His words bring life. We have all been Created for Him.