God’s Truth Touches Hearts and Changes Minds

God’s Truth Touches Hearts and Changes Minds

Tyler and Kara had made up their minds.

“We’re too young to be parents,” Kara said, holding back tears. “And besides, it’s not a baby yet,” Tyler added emphatically.

Our director said, “I hear you. But let’s look at it from a different perspective. God loved both of you before the foundation of the world. His desire was for you to be born physically so you could be reborn spiritually into a relationship with Him. And He wants the same for your baby.”

Tears formed in Kara’s eyes. We’re Christians,” she said. Tyler looked down.

“But, uh…” Tyler stammered, “… it isn’t alive yet, right?”

Our director showed them a model of a developing baby, similar in age to theirs, and said, “Your baby’s heart has been beating for several weeks.”

Tyler stood up and said, “Well, we can’t have an abortion if it’s already alive. We’re gonna have this baby!”

And just like that, God’s truth got them back on track. Soon afterwards we provided an ultrasound for Kara, confirming their decision. They went on to take our prenatal classes.

There is nothing like God’s truth—whether it’s spoken truth, a model of a developing baby, or an ultrasound image of a living, moving baby—to touch hearts and change minds.

When you support Align Life Ministries, you’re supporting the proclamation of God’s truth into the hearts of young moms and dads. Lives get back on track. People meet Jesus. And babies are saved from abortion.

Please join us as we proclaim God’s truth and provide life-impacting ultrasounds for more couples like Tyler and Kara.

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In the powerful, life-saving name of Jesus,

Lisa Hosler