Guide Me In Your Truth

Guide Me In Your Truth

Ashley began her appointment by saying:  “I am in a BAD situation.” She told us she already had a son who was less than a year old, and there was no way she could afford to have another child. She and the father of the baby were not on speaking terms, and in addition to that, her mother was urging her to have an abortion. “I don’t believe in abortion, though,” Ashley said, “which is why I have my son today.”

We listened and talked with her awhile, and she agreed to our offer of an ultrasound. Her mother and her infant son both came with her to the scan.

Ashley saw the baby’s body on the screen. She listened to the heartbeat. And then she said, “Well, this makes it easier for me to decide to carry this baby to term!” She declared that she and the baby’s father needed to sit down and talk. She agreed to our follow-up phone call, and was interested in taking our parenting classes. And Ashley’s mother, apparently moved by the ultrasound also, expressed her agreement and her encouragement for all these things that Ashley wanted to do!

It seems the Lord used a single ultrasound to shine the light of truth into two people’s hearts that day – a mom whose decision for life was solidified, and a grandmother, whose perspective turned toward the truth.

Psalm 25:5 says, “Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior,

and my hope is in you all day long.” We’re thankful for each opportunity we have to see the Holy Spirit guiding us together to be able see His truth about LIFE. Jesus is our Savior and our hope for life for our clients rests securely in Him!