His Saving, Redeeming Love

His Saving, Redeeming Love

Daria came to us, happy to be pregnant and eager to learn about her developing baby. On the surface, all seemed well as she started prenatal education.

With each weekly session Daria felt safer with her client advocate. She even opened up about a strained relationship with her parents that was weighing heavily on her. The advocate listened compassionately, and Daria – though not a Christian – gave permission for the advocate to share Bible verses and pray for her.

A few weeks later we received an urgent call from Daria. Could she meet with someone before her next session?

Her distress was obvious when she arrived, and her words poured out as fast as her tears. Daria described a complex and painful domestic situation. “It all feels so wrong!” she cried. Immediately our advocate sensed God urging, “Tell her about the life of Joseph.”

As Daria listened, she found herself relating to Joseph’s story of family betrayal. Yet she couldn’t picture anything good coming out of what she was experiencing. She asked, “How could Joseph forgive them for what they did?”

What an opportunity for our advocate to share about God’s forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus!

Daria’s heart had been prepared by suffering and she was able to recognize her own need for forgiveness. With gratitude, she yielded her life to Christ.

Through the generosity of our supporters, God is reaching young women and men with practical help – and His saving, redeeming love!

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