I Feel Lighter

I Feel Lighter


Carlie thought she might be pregnant, and she had a list of reasons why she “needed” an abortion. She had faced an unintended pregnancy before when she was 17. But her father made her get an abortion. She had been through it before—and survived. But she didn’t feel loved or loveable. Her life just felt dark and lonely.

She saw an ad online for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, and texted the number. It was our hotline number. We responded quickly, and Carlie accepted our offer of a pregnancy test and an ultrasound.

During her intake appointment, Carlie heard about the help we offer women who have had abortions in the past. Her heart melted, thinking anyone would care about her in that way.

Then, she allowed the Director to share about the love of Jesus. Carlie was interested in learning more about Him. She asked a lot of questions. By the end of the conversation, Carlie believed the gospel she just heard, and accepted Jesus into her heart.

“Wow!” Carlie said. “I feel lighter! And I feel like the room got brighter! Talking about Jesus was all worth coming here!” We gave Carlie a Bible, and she told us she can’t wait to come back and talk with us about what she read.

It turns out – Carlie’s pregnancy test was positive. She IS pregnant, and her ultrasound is scheduled with us. Before she left, Carlie began talking about the possibility of parenting, even though the temptation of abortion still looms large.

Please pray with us for this new young Christian mother and her baby – that she will say YES to trusting Jesus in this next step of her pregnancy and say YES to LIFE for her child!