Pointing Her to Her True Provider

Pointing Her to Her True Provider


Nora is a single mom of 2 small children. They live together in a motel room, as Nora has really been struggling financially.

She suspected she might be pregnant, and so she stopped in for a pregnancy test. Her toddler and baby were clean and very well-behaved. The toddler began playing with the toys in the corner of our waiting room while Nora talked with our receptionist. “I’m sorry, but if I’m pregnant, I do not want to keep this baby,” she whispered. “I’m not thrilled about my current living conditions, and I’m barely making enough money to feed the kids I have now.”

Nora took our pregnancy test. It was NEGATIVE. Nora was NOT pregnant. She hung her head and breathed a sigh of relief.

After a moment, we asked Nora if she’d be interested in some free diapers and wipe. “Yes, please,” Nora said. We also told her about our free parenting education classes and the baby supplies she could earn along the way.

Before she left, Nora said, “Thank you so much for the diapers. The diaper my baby is wearing now was my last diaper, and I didn’t know how I’d get more.”

Nora continues to come in for babycare essentials. Her heart seems open to receive the

good things GOD has for her, far beyond diapers and wipes. Please join us in praying for this young mom. We hope she signs up for parenting classes, so we can continue ministering to her and pointing her to her true Provider, Jesus.