The Importance of Our Father

The Importance of Our Father

We recently started a new study in my small group at church. We’re looking at The Lord’s Prayer (found in Matthew 6). Our kick-off lesson was about the first two words Jesus used in that prayer:  “Our Father.” We learned it’s critically important to view God as the loving Father He is – and then pray as His beloved adopted children.

That lesson made me realize even more how important it is for us to help our young male clients understand what a “good father” really is, because new dads need that foundation not only to carry out their physical role in the family, but so they can thrive spiritually as well.

What is God like as a Father? Is He really as wonderful as we’d imagine “the best Father ever” to be? Well, here are just a few ways Scripture describes Father God:

He’s a Father who’s consistent (James 1:17)

He’s a Father who has a gracious will toward us (Luke 10:2)

He’s comforting (2 Corinthians 1:4)

He shows compassion to His children (Psalm 103:13)

He’s a Father who works (John 14:10)

He’s a Father who gives the best kind of love (1 John 3:1)

The list goes on, of course. But for our young dads who’ve never known that kind of fatherly presence – that knowledge is essential. And for all of us who believe in Jesus –…remembering what it means for God to be our heavenly Father helps us keep a proper posture before Him – as His dearly loved sons and daughters. We have all been created for Him.