The Miraculous Journey

The Miraculous Journey

Outside of Sidra Medicine Hospital, which is the women’s and children’s hospital in Doha, Qatar, there are now 14 gigantic statues showing the stages of development from conception to birth.

This modern artwork, titled “The Miraculous Journey,” was created by British artist, Damien Hirst, who said he became fascinated with the process of childbirth after having his own children.

These statues in Qatar show the beauty of the journey a baby takes from conception to birth. The artist says, “Everyone talks about our life’s journey, but we have a whole journey before you’re born. Ultimately, the journey a baby goes through before birth is bigger than anything it will experience in its human life.”

When asked if Hirst thinks his statues are controversial, he shared, “I can’t think of anything less controversial. Every single person on the planet has been born. Every single person was also an unborn baby, and started life at conception – and that often controversial truth is now displayed in a more prominent way than ever before.”

So, if you ever find yourself in Doha, Qatar, make your way over to Sidra Medicine Center to view The Miraculous Journey,  which can be seen in progression as you drive down the road.