Tribute Gifts: Quarter 1 of 2023

Tribute Gifts: Quarter 1 of 2023

Thank you to everyone who gave “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” a loved one in the first quarter of 2023.

At the time the gift is given, we send an acknowledgment to the honoree or family of the one remembered as contact information is available. The gift amount remains confidential.

In Honor Of:

Mary Lehman

Mr. & Mrs. W. Douglas Merrifield


Anna Mae Ludwig

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Copenhaver


Allison Nolt

Mr. & Mrs. Curvin Horst


Marilynn Sanders

Mr. & Mrs. W. Douglas Merrifield


In Memory Of:

Beverly Capece

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sholly Jr.


Molli Colver

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Colver


Anne Elizabeth Fernsler

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fernsler


Donna Haldeman

Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Bollinger

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Gingrich

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Miller


Barry Heagy

Mr. & Mrs. Norman White


Ron Hosler

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wiker


Carson Newcomer

Mr. & Mrs. David Barganier

Pledging Foundation


Elizabeth Robyn

Mr. Robert Robyn


Kati Swisher

Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Cintron


Cindy Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hirschy