Whose One-Man Show?

Whose One-Man Show?

As leaders, especially in our early days, we can fall for the notion that it’s up to us to keep everything going. Here’s a visual metaphor of what it looks like.

Initially, it’s pretty impressive to watch how talented that guy is, and to see the huge variety of instruments he’s able to play. But if you convert that to the world of organizations—where responsibilities and projects and events are nonstop—a one-man show quickly fades from being impressive to impossible.

Here’s how the guy playing all those instruments ended up.

Inevitable Results of One-Man Shows in Ministry

  1. Pride
  2. Lack of participation from others.
  3. Unrealistic vision, according to one person’s discernment.
  4. Narrowed impact, restricted by one person’s gifting.
  5. Exhaustion

There is only one person qualified to run a true one-man show in ministry—God Himself. And the beauty of how He does it is in conjunction with others. He’s a Father, we’re His children, and He takes great pleasure in including us in His work. But there’s no doubt who’s leading, who’s orchestrating, who’s conducting. Take a look at a vastly different visual metaphor—with God on center stage.

Results of God’s Leadership in Ministry

  1. God receives glory; we remain humble.
  2. Everyone’s gifting is incorporated; there’s amazing synergy.
  3. God has clearly revealed His vision, and everyone caught it.
  4. There is an astounding impact as God’s “song” is masterfully led and played.
  5. There is celebration afterwards; not exhaustion.

When God is actively leading a ministry—like the conductor in this YouTube—it’s because He’s been intentionally sought. Leaders who acknowledge God as the True Leader stop running their own one-man show and ensure that He’s front and center. They invite their teams to participate in seeking and honoring Him, and the results are astounding.