With His Help, I Have Brought Forth…

With His Help, I Have Brought Forth…

A woman in her late thirties came in for a pregnancy test. She had been married for quite a while and had never gotten pregnant, so when her test was positive, she was shocked but delighted! She was also facing some tough situations in her life and welcomed our offer of an ultrasound to help determine whether her pregnancy was viable (which it was) and how far along she was (she was 9 and a half weeks.) During the scan she had lots of questions and a bunch of fun comments to make.

Being pregnant and becoming a mom are monumental life events. The very first woman to encounter such an experience was Eve. She was the first mother … the first woman to ever become pregnant, and the first woman to ever give birth to a child.

The Bible recounts it this way, in Genesis 4:1. “(Eve) became pregnant and gave birth… She said, “With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.”” With the help of the Lord.

God allows us to participate in the bringing forth of a new human being. He wouldn’t need us to do it. He created Adam and Eve directly, Adam out of dust and Eve out of Adam. But from that point and ever since, he has graciously allowed human beings to take part in the bringing forth of other human beings. What a glorious privilege!

Whereas abortion often relies on pregnancy being perceived as an unwanted burden… When a woman is pregnant, she truthfully has a sacred opportunity- with God’s help- to bring forth a brand new human being who bears His image. We have all been Created for Christ.