A Forever Family

A Forever Family

Hi – my name is Deb Riddell. I’m on staff with Bethany Christian Services, which offers adoption, foster care, and pregnancy counseling with the goal of strengthening families for the well-being of children. I’ll be your guest host for today.

Like SVPS, at Bethany Christian Services we champion the sacredness of human life. We desire to discern God’s direction for the children we work with every day. Some of our children are infants, but many are older – well into their teen years. Take our client Bobby, for example.

Bobby has cerebral palsy and autism. Our adoption specialist was searching for a forever home for him. She approached a family who already had adopted several children – some with special needs like Bobby. The family originally declined, but later reconsidered. They wondered if saying “no” to Bobby would be saying “no” to the Lord? They thought, “If God is in this, can’t we move forward with confidence?” They decided to visit Bobby’s school to meet him.

Bobby was a gaunt young fellow, a bit hunched over, with an unsteady gait; his hands and fingers randomly pointing one way and the other. They greeted him warmly, talked with him, and walked with him. Before the visit was over, they knew they’d be back. They had decided to adopt him.

Bobby’s bed, books, and clothing were soon delivered to their home, and Bobby himself arrived shortly thereafter. Bethany helped the family through the initial time of adjustment as each sibling learned to accept their new “special” brother.

When we decide to trust Jesus to be our savior, we are adopted, too, into the forever family of God. Romans 8:15 says “… the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship…” We have all been created for Him.