A Generous Move in Our Baby Boutiques

A Generous Move in Our Baby Boutiques

I’m sure you’ve experienced, as I have, that the prices of major household budget items like gas and food are going up and up. But did you know there are places in our region where the prices of certain items have noticeably DROPPED recently? They’ve dropped– in the clean, safe, abundant supply of baby care items stocked in our local Align Pregnancy Services Baby Boutiques!

Now, when I say “Baby Boutique” – I mean the rooms within each of our centers that are filled with material supplies a baby needs – like diapers, wipes, formula, and onesies. Our clients can “shop” there with the CARE CASH they earn by taking our parenting courses.

Recently, the Lord reminded us to respond to the increasing difficulties around us in an “opposite” spirit —  with the larger love, the greater generosity, the abundant kindness of Jesus. So – we decided to DOUBLE the amount of CARE Cash a client can earn each time they come to class. And at the same time, we DECREASED the “prices” of the items they can “purchase” with that CARE Cash.

Our boutiques are filled with items that – for the most part – have been donated by generous churches and individuals.  So, making these changes was well-within our ability to do it. And it has been a DELIGHT to do so.

Our clients have been so pleasantly surprised by these changes we made. They can tell that with us, they are not a number. They are a person. And they can tell that we’re more than “just” a social service agency. We pray that the generosity and care they feel through us distinctly reflects the generosity and goodness of JESUS… which we hope will draw them closer to trusting Him as their Savior for everlasting LIFE.  We have all been created for Him.