A Text of Breakthrough

A Text of Breakthrough

By Matt Kocher

We’d been seeing our client Tiffany for a few months. She’s a single mom of a toddler, who had been placed with Children and Youth Services, and she’s pregnant with her second child. She has very little support – no family, no job, and the father of the baby is not in the picture. We often talked with her about Jesus and the gospel, but-distracted as she was- our words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

One day, Tiffany was particularly distraught. She had been trying to get an updated driver’s license so she could get a job and find a place to live, but she found it to be a slow, challenging process. She had a food stamps account, but an acquaintance took her card and spent all the money except for a few dollars. Tiffany was 7 months pregnant, had little food at home, and said “I haven’t eaten all day.”

It was around two in the afternoon, so we ordered her a pizza. We connected her with the local food pantry and then figured out a way to have a few groceries delivered to her house. We placed a mom’s devotional in her hands, and reminded her that Jesus loves her and wants to walk with her in this difficult time. She left, and we prayed that somehow God would help her sense His care for her. A few minutes later, she texted us. “Thank you, Align. I realize I really need support. I’m going to start going to church this weekend to try and relieve my mind and find peace.”

Tiffany’s battle is long and hard, but that day she experienced gratitude and acknowledged God’s personal help for her through His people. Psalm 95:2-3 says, Let us come before him with thanksgiving… For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.”