“God Holds You in His Hand”

“God Holds You in His Hand”

It’s amazing to ponder Jesus as a preborn baby. Yet He was. Safe in Mary’s womb and safe
in His Father’s hand—even when He died for our salvation.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing declares this Christmas truth so powerfully: “Born that man no
more may die.”

Recently Tessa came to us at risk for abortion and at risk for eternal separation from her

Her relationship with her boyfriend was rocky, and her entire childhood was “horrible” in
her words. After Tessa’s parents divorced, her mother became abusive. Tessa was moved
from one relative to another, and eventually from one foster home to another.

When asked about her spiritual beliefs, Tessa said, “Well, my mom prayed to angels and
demons, so sometimes I do too.”

Our director talked with Tessa about God and shared how much He loves her and her baby.
She showed her a baby model the size of her own preborn baby. Tessa wanted to hold the
baby and said, “Wow, it fits in the palm of my hand!”

“Just like God holds you in His hand,” our director said softly. She shared more verses, and
Tessa wiped tears from her eyes.

Tessa placed her trust in Jesus that day. She gratefully accepted a Bible and signed up for
prenatal classes. Our director said, “Tessa is thriving! She’s learning about motherhood
and eagerly shows us new verses she’s found in her Bible. She said we feel like family to
her and even invited us to her baby shower.”

Thank you for joining with us as we direct clients to the Father’s extended hand.

Have a Merry Christmas as you celebrate the amazing gift of Jesus!