Abby’s Story: Whom the Son Sets Free

Abby’s Story: Whom the Son Sets Free

Abby came to us for post-abortion support just months after her abortion, but struggled to open up. Our director shared portions of her own story and shared about Jesus. She asked if Abby wanted to place her trust in Jesus, and Abby said, “Yes, I do!”

Abby completed the post-abortion Bible study and was discipled by our director. She’s made great strides in understanding who Jesus is and who she is in Him. “I’m at polar opposites of where I was,” Abby exclaims. “I was angry and running from God, and now I’m running to Him each day. The horrible heaviness is gone, but I know it’s okay to still grieve. I’m at peace, knowing my baby is in heaven with Jesus.”

Recently, Abby was sharing about her post-abortion healing with a friend. “I never would’ve done that before I met Jesus,” she said. “I used to be fearful and private. But now I feel strong—like a warrior. Someday I would like volunteer in both pregnancy help and post-abortion recovery.”

From depression to peace. From seclusion to wanting to help others. Abby has given her life to Jesus, and His character is flowing through her.

That’s our desire at Align Life Ministries, formerly SVPS—that people will align their hearts and minds with Jesus Christ and experience His life-bringing alignment.