Tribute Gifts – Third & Fourth Quarters 2019

Tribute Gifts – Third & Fourth Quarters 2019

Thank you to everyone who offered a tribute to a loved one either “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” during the third and fourth quarters of 2019. (At the time a gift is given, we send an acknowledgment to the honoree or family of the one remembered. The gift amount remains confidential.)


Donna Doyle

Mr. William Herche III


Seth and Diane Kensinger

Elm Valley Transport, LLC


Fannie Shelly

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Heisey


Racine Swartz

Ms. Amy Swartz


Alan and Jacqueline Weitzel

Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Weitzel


Tom Wolgemuth

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Haldeman




Olivia Cunningham

McConnellstown Church of the Nazarene

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Ryan

Ms. Katherine Speck


Anne Elizabeth Fernsler

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fernsler


Barbara Heindel

Mr. Timothy Heindel


Ron Hosler

Aevitas Law, PLLC


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bauder

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Buckwalter

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Eberly

Mr. & Mrs. George Daniel Fox

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fulmer

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Garrett

Ms. Patricia Gochenauer

Gochenauer Kennels

Mr. & Mrs. David Heffley

Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Heisey

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hollinger

Mr. & Mrs. John Horger

J. L. Holinger & Sons, Inc.

Mrs. Frances Kinderwater

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Kirby III

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kuehner

Lawn Equipment Parts Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Manley

Mr. & Mrs. John Metzer Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. John Mercer

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Miller Jr.

Murray Insurance Associates, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Myer

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Novak

Mrs. Anne Pierson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rankin

Mr. & Mrs. Don Riker

Ms. Deborah Roggenbaum

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Shenk

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Showers

Ms. Joyce Smedley

Ms. Patti Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Swisher

T & D Excavating Inc.

Teaching the Word Ministries, Inc.

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Teague

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tice

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Westcott

Ms. Betty Lou Wiker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wiker

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Wingenroth


George and Ethel Koons

Mrs. Linda Grumbine


Bernice Rauch

Ms. Carol McAndrews


Harry Schuh III

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Beiswenger

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Dell

Ms. Genevieve Singer


Shirley Snavely

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Wagner


Rachel (Bashore) Wise

Mr. & Mrs. John Bashore


Esther Youd

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Rudd

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Shirley