Baby Power!

Baby Power!

By: Becky Toews, Guest Contributor

I felt like my heart was bursting. I could barely catch my breath when I broke out into uncontrollable sobs. But they were happy sobs. My sweet daughter-in-law said, “We can always count on you for a reaction!”

The calendar our kids create each year highlights one of my favorite Christmas gifts. Each month of the upcoming year features various pictures of the family. My daughter also marks our birthdays and anniversaries with smaller pictures on the specific dates. I was already lost in a world of heartwarming memories when I got to August. I carefully examined each photo before my eyes moved to the dates. And what I saw ignited the near heart attack. A small picture of an ultrasound with the words “Baby Toews Due Date” graced August 4. A napalm bomb of joy suddenly exploded. Our son and his wife were having a baby.

Don’t tell me the smallest among us have no significance. Far from being a “glob of tissue,” those little guys have the power to turn our worlds upside down!

The psalmist writes that life begins the moment God starts knitting us together in our mother’s womb. He declares our Creator has written all our days before we even take our first breath. Every single one of us is a masterpiece of his creativity, designed to carry out a fearful, wonderful purpose.

A truth never to be taken lightly.

When my mother-in-law was pregnant with my husband, the doctor told her she should abort the baby. He said she might die from complications if she continued the pregnancy. But when she went to her father for advice, he responded, “Don’t abort this child. God has a purpose for him.” A few months later, she safely delivered a healthy baby boy. God’s plan was not thwarted, and his purpose continues to be realized.

I think every time a baby is born, the birth should be accompanied by clashing cymbals, drum rolls, trumpets and violins. The entrance of every new human being on the planet ushers in cause for celebration. It’s magnificent, splendid, momentous, extraordinary.

It’s Baby Power!

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