Confidence and Contentment are Possible

Confidence and Contentment are Possible

Two women recently completed the Surrendering the Secret Bible study with us. Vickie, our Post-Abortion Services Director, asked each of them to use one word to describe themselves before their healing journey, and one word to describe themselves now.


The one client said, “Before, I was afraid of what others would think of me. Today, I feel confident.”


The other client said, “I felt angry before I did this study. But today, I feel contentment.


Vickie shared that both women are also praying about ways to become involved in helping other post-abortive women heal from their hurts.


Confidence. Contentment. And compassion for others. These are the kinds of blessings God brings our clients as they view their lives anew in light of the gospel.  At SVPS, post-abortive women and men can find life-transforming freedom through the truth of Jesus Christ. If you or someone you know would like to talk about a past abortion decision, please call Vickie at 717-274-9246 extension 407, or email her at God really loves you, and in Him there is hope. We have all been Created for Him.