Enlarging Her Perspectives

Enlarging Her Perspectives

The young woman sent us a plea for help. She had an abortion a few days ago and was desperate to talk with someone about it.

From the minute she walked in, we could sense her despair. She cried the entire time. It was heartbreaking… seeing her raw grief and hearing her broken heart.

She said, “I wasn’t in my right mind when I made the decision to have the abortion.” She told us about her circumstances, and it was clear she had been in a crisis at the time. She made her abortion decision in a hurry, right in the middle of that crisis. Now, she wishes she would have given herself more time and space think about what to do.

We assured her that we’ll walk through this grief with her. That we want to help her grieve well and to come out of it on the other side.  She doesn’t have strong spiritual beliefs, so we talked with her about the possibility of exploring faith in this season…  like…what does a relationship with Jesus look like?  What do healthy relationships with others look like? What might God’s plan be for her future? She seemed intrigued by these larger perspectives to consider.

She left that day feeling “lighter”. We believe she started to realize that there is a healthy way to move through her deep grief, and that she won’t have to move through it alone. These are just the beginning of the many truths God has for her to discover.

Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.” We pray that during her time with us, she’ll taste and see that God is good, and that she’ll embrace Him as the refuge He is regarding her abortion and her life.

He’s the refuge each and every one of us needs. We have all been created for Christ.