God Provides

God Provides

I was overwhelmed with joy when I found out I was pregnant. I was also terrified, wondering how I’d get everything the baby would need. I lost track of how many phone calls I made, looking for help. Then I found SVPS on Google.

Through you, God has provided 75% of the things I need for my son. It’s not only items that are new or ‘like new’ – but my favorite colors and designs too! There’s something special and satisfying about earning items for my baby.

Week after week you’ve helped me emotionally and, more importantly, spiritually. The prayer has been such a comfort and support.

I honestly have no clue what I would have done without your program and everything you offer. My family has truly been blessed. What you’re doing is so much bigger than just helping people with kids – you’re helping us no longer feel alone. Thanks for reflecting God’s love.

Jesus deeply loves every individual and He wants many more people to know they aren’t alone.

Whether a woman is looking for support in her pregnancy or is convinced she needs an abortion, she’ll most likely go online to find help. We’ve budgeted $24,000 this year to make SVPS easily accessible through online advertising and optimizing our client website.

We’ve also budgeted $12,000 to ensure that essential large items – like a crib and mattress, stroller/ car seat combo, or a case of infant formula – are available to moms and dads who earn them by completing our prenatal classes.

Will you join us?

Several supporters have already contributed $15,000 in “stretch funds” toward these invaluable services. Your gift will be stretched to help us reach our $36,000 goal.

To support us financially in this goal, please click here.

Thanks for being part of reflecting Christ’s love to the precious people we serve.