God’s Design for Life – A New Message for Young Adults

God’s Design for Life – A New Message for Young Adults

By:  Lisa Hosler, Align President


God’s response was immediate.

I was asking Him about Lancaster Bible College’s invitation to speak on the topic of life at their January 10 Chapel service.

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt God’s heart for college students more strongly as He revealed His message for them.

God often speaks to me in pictures, and He showed me the students holding a 12-week gestation baby model in their hand to represent three different people. The first was Jesus, the second was themselves, the third was their future children.

He wanted me to speak on His design for life using verses from Genesis about:

  • creating people in His image
  • creating them male and female
  • instituting marriage
  • followed by sexual intimacy
  • followed by children

He wanted me to present His overarching greatness and goodness using a large purple umbrella that I was to hold as I spoke about Him. So I purchased one from Amazon. He wanted the students to visually “see” a representation of His sovereignty and love in their lives.

As they contemplated Jesus as a 12-week gestation baby, they could marvel at the extent to which He identified with them and took on their sin unto salvation (Jn. 1:14).

As they pondered themselves at 12-weeks gestation, they could revel in God loving and choosing them before the foundation of the world for His purposes (Eph. 1:4).

As they gazed at the 12-week baby representing their future children, they could feel the awe of being entrusted with a new generation born to bring God glory (Ps. 127:3).

Toward the end, they were invited to stay close to God—directly under that purple umbrella—and to live within His beautiful design for their lives. (Instead of holding God at arm’s length and living according to their own desires and plans.)

And then we took a sobering look at the status of abortion in Pennsylvania: more than 33,000 a year, 55% through the Abortion Pill, and legal up to 24-weeks gestation.

525 college students heard God’s heart for life that day. Our prayer is that the seeds fell on good soil, that they’ll be watered, and that they’ll yield a great harvest of lives yielded to God’s design for life and sharing it with others!

Watch the service online at LBC Live Archive (boxcast.tv).  Lisa’s message begins at approximately 32:00.

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