2022 Pennsylvania Abortion Statistics Review

2022 Pennsylvania Abortion Statistics Review

The Pennsylvania Department of Health released its 2022 Abortion Statistics Report. As Pennsylvanians, it’s important for us to be mindful of abortion data for our state so that we can pray accordingly and make good, God-honoring decisions.

In 2022, there were 34,838 abortions performed in PA. That’s an increase of almost 5%; more than 1,600 babies than the year before. This is an average of 2,904 preborn babies aborted in Pennsylvania each month, 670 babies a week, or 95 babies each day.

Locally, the number of Lancaster County residents who had abortions decreased 6% to 680. But the number of Lebanon County residents choosing abortion increased 7% to 174.

Use of the abortion pill continued to account for 55% of all abortions in our state. It targets preborn children who are 5-10 weeks old, and took the lives of more than 19,000 preborn Pennsylvania babies in 2022.

There were 469 complications from abortions reported by physicians – that’s up nearly 46% from the prior year.

We mourn for the lives lost and harmed by abortion. We grieve the unfathomable negative impact abortion has on families, churches, and communities throughout our state.

Yet our hope in God is strong. His life-affirming work through Align continues to grow – not only locally, but across the state, nation, and even the world.

GOD’S plan for humanity is for people to be born physically here on earth, to be loved by Him as human beings bearing His image, and to be reborn spiritually so we can have life with Him forever. No evil, including abortion, can derail His sovereign plan. He says in Isaiah 46:10, “My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose.”

If you’d like to join us in helping people everywhere experience the fullness of Christ and embrace the sacredness of human life, visit our Get Involved page to discover ways you can help.

By His grace, let’s embrace GOD’s heart for life!