The Latest from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Abortion

The Latest from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Abortion

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently issued its decision on a case that was filed more than five years ago on behalf of abortion facilities in PA, while Governor Shapiro continues to support increased state funding of “family planning services.”

The PA Supreme Court’s Decision

This case asked the judges to rule on 2 primary issues:

  1. To overturn a 1982 Pennsylvania law that has prohibited taxpayer funding of abortion
  2. To declare (invent) a fundamental right to abortion based on Pennsylvania’s Constitution

Essentially, the abortion industry asked the state Supreme Court to allow taxpayer funding of abortion and to increase abortion access while removing limitations on abortion (which could ultimately allow for legalized abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy).

Sadly, the Court issued their decision largely, but not entirely, in favor of the abortion industry’s requests.  Simply stated – the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did rule to allow taxpayer funding of abortions, but it DID NOT invent a right to abortion in the state Constitution at this time.

However, there has been confusion spurred by incorrect media reports in the wake of the decision (many of which have been retracted and corrected).

Our friends at PA Family Institute summarize the ruling as:

“The good news is that the abortion industry failed to receive a majority of the court ruling to invent a right to an abortion in our state’s Constitution. The bad news is, in a narrow 3-2 decision, the Court overturned the decades-long precedent upholding the law that prohibits taxpayer funding.”

The legal battle continues on, and we trust in our righteous, sovereign God through it all.

Governor Shapiro to Increase Support for “Family Planning”

In addition to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issuing its decision, Governor Shapiro also recently announced that his administration will increase funding to “family planning” groups – organizations that financially supplement abortion facilities in Pennsylvania.  We shared several months ago of his announcement to cut funding to Real Alternatives, a program that many pregnancy centers in Pennsylvania relied on for funding in order to provide life-giving services to thousands of women, men, and babies across our state.  That funding is now being redirected to the abortion industry through the “Women’s Service Program.”

Align does not, and has never, pursued nor received state funding.  We are funded solely by the faithful generosity of individuals, churches, and businesses that partner with us to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and champion the sacredness of human life.

We grieve the decisions announced by our state’s legislative leadership which will undoubtedly harm more women and men and take the lives of more babies by abortion.  But we are not deterred.  We continue to extend the love and hope of Jesus to women and men facing an unintended pregnancy situation, struggling to parent well, or dealing with pain of a past abortion decision.  We will continue to boldly share the gospel and speak life to our clients and our communities so that more babies can be born physically to ultimately be reborn into a relationship with Jesus.  Thank you for being part of the work God has called us to do.  Your support means more to the Align staff and our precious clients than you know.

If you have questions or would like to know more about the status of abortion in Pennsylvania, please contact Matt Kocher, Vice President of Resources and Communications, at