Praying for Salvation

Praying for Salvation

Our client advocate leaned forward in his chair, looked Nick directly in the eye and said, “Is there anything keeping you from trusting Christ right now?”

Nick gazed at the floor as he pondered the question. He slowly began to shake his head. He looked up at the advocate and said, “No. No there isn’t. I believe everything you’ve said, and I know I need Jesus in my life.”

Our advocate led Nick through the most important prayer of his life.

That life-saving conversation took place several weeks into the prenatal classes Nick and his fiancée Jen were taking. Each class included practical education, personal and spiritual conversation, and prayer. Sometimes Nick and Jen met with their male and female advocates together, and sometimes separately.

Jen was already a believer, so our female advocate discipled her privately. They often prayed for Nick’s salvation.

“It was amazing to see the transformation in Nick,” our director said, “and then to see this young couple blossom together. After their baby was born, they continued coming for newborn education and we discipled them for several months. They plan to get married this year.”

Only God. Only through Jesus. Our clients’ greatest need.

Our theme for 2021, and the passion of our hearts, is Reflecting Jesus and His Gospel. We are seeking God for tender boldness, winsome strategies, and open hearts for our clients.

Please join us! As we continue to champion the gospel of Jesus Christ and the sacredness of human life, we pray many more people, like Nick and Jen, will say yes to Jesus and grow strong in Him.

Thank you for your prayer and financial support!

In the powerful, life-saving name of Jesus,

Lisa Hosler