Pressures of Life

Pressures of Life

We asked a few questions, and Jolene described the pressures in her life. Two children. Two prior abortions. Two part-time jobs.

“My boyfriend thinks we can handle it, but I don’t.”

A few days later Jolene and her boyfriend Jeff came to us for an ultrasound. As the baby’s image appeared on the screen, Jeff looked back and forth between the screen and Jolene’s face, trying to read her expression. But there was none. We confirmed the baby’s viability and age, and shared how we could help. They left, planning on an abortion.

A month later, they returned.

“We went to an abortion clinic, and I was going to have the abortion, but…” Jolene teared up as she said, “I couldn’t do it. Not after the ultrasound. We’re having this baby, and we want to take your prenatal and parenting classes.”

Fast forward seven months. Jolene and Jeff have come each week – tired, but grateful. Jeff says, “These classes are helping us with our other kids too!” They’ve faithfully done homework to earn baby items, and have chosen a stroller/car seat combo as their reward for completing the classes. They’ve welcomed our prayers and want to find a church after the baby is born. Jolene said recently, “We couldn’t have done this without your help!”