Safety Break

Safety Break

A few weeks ago, my daughter & I drove to a state park to do some hiking. On one of the major interstates up north, we passed a sign that said “SAFETY BREAK, FREE COFFEE, NEXT RIGHT.” I thought – aww – what a great idea! For truck drivers or any driver on that highway getting weary from their travels, someone was making coffee available to them for free as a safety measure – a way to help them to stop and recharge a bit before continuing on their journey.

To me, that’s a neat way to think of pregnancy centers, like Align Pregnancy Services. For pregnant, parenting, and post-abortive people – getting help from a pregnancy center can kind of be like taking a safety break before going any farther in the journey. For example –

Christian pregnancy centers like ours offer a safety break for a mom, dad and preborn baby in the throes of a crisis pregnancy situation – encouraging them to pause, take their time, and gather as much truthful information as possible before making their decision. We offer a safety break of sorts for families where parenting struggles are real – and we do that by offering free helpful parenting classes. And for people who’ve experienced abortion and are trying to cope with feelings they don’t understand afterwards… we offer a kind of safety break for their own well-being, with trained staff and volunteers ready and willing to help them.

Instead of FREE COFFEE, the sign could say FREE pregnancy tests, free first trimester ultrasounds, free diapers/wipes/and formula, free prenatal and parenting classes, free post-abortion Bible studies.

Psalm 4:8 says, “…you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Christian pregnancy centers offer a place of Christ-centered peace and safety where clients can pause, rest, find support and be refreshed in their journey.