The Mom in the Ultrasound Room and the Mom in the Waiting Room

The Mom in the Ultrasound Room and the Mom in the Waiting Room

It’s not unusual for our clients to bring someone along with them for moral support. Sometimes, we learn that the guest needs help, too…giving us the opportunity to minister to them both and connect them to a local church in the process.

We recently served a young mom whose cousin came along to the ultrasound appointment but didn’t join her in the ultrasound room.

During the scan, the young mom was speechless as she watched her little preborn baby move on the screen. Afterwards, our director connected what she had seen to the love of Jesus and asked if the client wanted Jesus to be part of her life. The client said, “I don’t know how to make that happen.” Our director prayed with her to trust Christ, and afterwards asked the client if she could gift her a Bible. The client agreed, and then to our surprise said, “You wouldn’t know this, but my cousin – who came with me and is in your waiting room right now – is going through a miscarriage as we speak.”

We were able to meet with the client’s sister and pray with her, and we gave her resources related to pregnancy loss.

The following week, the client brought her husband along in to her appointment with us. We were able to get this family connected to a local church for additional support and prayer.