The Movement That Moved Their Decision

The Movement That Moved Their Decision

Our client Natalie arrived for her ultrasound appointment. She didn’t think she could be a mom right now, but she also felt there was no way she could have an abortion. She didn’t know what to do. We could tell that she and the father of the baby had been weighing their options about their unexpected pregnancy.

Well, the ultrasound revealed a 12-week-old baby who was absolutely beautiful. Natalie stared at the screen. “I did not expect to see SO much!” she said. She couldn’t take her eyes off the image of her baby.

After the scan, she met with our director. It seemed as though watching her baby gently roll from side to side… seeing the tiny body and arms move… seeing the little heart beating so steadily…. It must have broken down her fears and gave her new resolve to move forward with parenting her child.

She must have shared what she saw with the father of the baby, also. Because previously, he was not interested in being involved in this child’s life. But later, Natalie told us he had changed his mind. He wanted to parent this child, too. They wanted to begin our BrightCourse prenatal classes together.

We thank Jesus for this couple’s commitment to give this baby life. We’ve seen Natalie and her boyfriend make righteous decisions, one step at a time. Hosea 10:12 makes this beautiful promise: Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love…” We praise God for His steadfast love for this couple and their baby. We pray the rest of that verse for them, too: “…seek the Lord, that He may come and rain righteousness upon you.”